The Edison Local School District (“Edison”) in Erie County, Ohio makes the following Request for Qualifications for Architectural Pre-Bond Issue Assistance Services (“RFQ”).  This RFQ is being initiated to secure the services of a qualified firm to provide technical assistance as Edison prepares for a possible OFCC CFAP ballot issue.

All submissions in response to the RFQ shall be marked “Architectural Pre-Bond Issue Assistance Services for Edison Local Schools”.  Submissions received after the deadline on September 23, 2019 at 4:00 PM, will not be accepted.  It is the submitter’s responsibility to ensure that the submission is received prior to the deadline as no exceptions to this policy will be made.  All such submissions shall be submitted to the attention of Thomas Roth, Superintendent of Schools.


This request is issued by the Edison to undertake master planning services for the purposes of assessing and determining the future needs and usages of all school buildings, administrative buildings, transportation buildings, maintenance buildings and other property owned, maintained and/or occupied by Edison, as well as to determine whether to renovate and/or build new schools, auxiliary and administration buildings.  A list of existing buildings and property is attached to this request.


Generally, assist Edison (and cooperate with OFCC if the district chooses to partner with) with technical expertise for preparing to potentially attempt a bond issue to build new and/or renovate facilities.  Edison is in the early planning stages and has spoken with OFCC under the CFAP program, but has not committed to joining with OFCC for the project.

1. Assist in OFCC’s effort to validate the OFCC assessments. Includes investigating LEED implications and potential Enhanced Re-Programming as applicable.
2. Cooperate with the OFCC in exploring Master Plan options which will include comparing new construction options vs. renovation options.
3. Assist Edison in determining need/desire of any LFIs including estimates of cost. This may include POR exercises and/or conceptual plan studies. It should consider such things as potential offsite work scope.
4. Create conceptual site plans(s) to assist with feasibility study of sites/buildings and serve as a promotional tool for the potential bond issue.
5. Attend community meetings to present information and provide technical assistance.
6. Other scope that would assist Edison in being prepared for a ballot attempt.
7. Educational Visioning session to address the topic of future need.

The scope would be limited to Pre-Design and does not imply continuance into full design service for the project should the project become funded.  A separated selection process for A/E services would occur only after Edison has obtained necessary funding.


Qualifications submitted in response to the RFQ should be electronic and emailed in PDF format or mailed as a CD or flash drive. Submissions by mail should be delivered to the Edison Board Office at 140 S. Main Street, Milan, Ohio 44846. Submissions by electronic mail should be sent to


The Edison Local School District Board of Education evaluate the submissions in response to the RFQ and rank them based on most qualified.  The Board may use a Selection Committee to aid in its consideration of the submissions.

Edison reserves the right to prepare a short list of firms from the submitted proposals and conduct interviews or select the most qualified.  This decision will be based on the number of quality proposals received.  If interviews are scheduled, they would be held within thirty (30) days of the submission deadline.
Edison Local School District Buildings and Properties 
Schools and Properties                                       Address                                                                  Current Grades                Building Area SF            Site Acreage            Construction/Addition Dates 
Edison Elementary School                                    140 S. Main St. Milan, OH 44846                              PreK-3                              79,706                              6.5                              1885,1922, 1951, 1956
Edison Middle School                                            20 Center St., Berlin Heights , OH 44814                  4 thru 8                           70,720                               6.6                             1890, 1900, 1950, 1952, 1959, 1991,  2002
Edison High School                                                2603 State Rte 113 E, Milan, OH 44846                   9 thru 12                        91,832                              42                                1971, 1991
 Bus Garage/Mainenance Garage                       2603 State Rte 113 E, Milan, OH 44846                                                                                                            At HS
Perrin Rd Property                                                                                                                                                                                                                                12.5
Property adjacent to HS                                                                                                                                                                                                                        11.5
Property adjacent to MS                                                                                                                                                                                                                         30.7

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