Edison Digital Academy Frequently Asked Questions

Can Edison High School students take AP and honors courses?
Digital students will select the digital versions of the same classes offered to Edison students who are attending in-person and remotely. 
Each digital version of the class will be the equivalent of the in-person classes and meet the same requirements of honors diploma, GPA etc.

Can students take CCP classes digitally? 
Edison CCP classes are arranged with a partner college. The three colleges currently partnering with Edison High School are Bowling Green, Findlay, and Kenyon College.  At this time, Edison Digital students would not be able to take CCP classes with Edison teachers. If the College/University offers the course as an all online course, Edison students would be able to enroll in the CCP course through that option.  This must be done through Edison with our counselors. Each CCP class would need to follow the requirements of the individual college sponsoring that specific CCP class.  

Will Edison Digital Students receive an Edison Diploma?

Will Edison Digital students be on pace in each course with traditional Edison students?
Edison Digital students will cover the same Ohio standards as traditional students taking the equivalent class. The sequence of standards will be different. This will only become a concern when students move from the digital academy back to the traditional classroom which could result in gaps.

How will my student’s courses be decided? 
Digital students will be scheduled by the building counselors in the same manner as traditional students. Grades K-8 will take the digital equivalent of the traditional classes and the courses will be predetermined by the District. Traditional students in grades 7 and 8 have elective options. Not all of those classes re an option in the Digital Academy. Specific questions should be directed to the building counselors during the scheduling process.  
High School classes will have a digital equivalent as an option which will be discussed during the scheduling process. Each student will need to take the state-required classes and then may select from the school approved digital elective classes available.  Each student will work with a guidance counselor to create their digital schedule.  

If my child does not acclimate or is not succeeding at the Digital Academy, can they return to the classroom setting?  
Students can return to the regular classroom at any time, but it is recommended to only change at the semester to minimize any gaps in materials that are covered. 

Will Digital Academy Students be required to comply with Ohio state testing requirements?
Edison Digital students will need to follow all state testing requirements in order to receive an Edison Diploma. The state testing requirements do not have an online-approved equivalent so digital students will need to report to the schools to complete those state tests. The state testing guidelines may possibly change as a result of COVID developments.  We will pass along any updates in the 2020-2021 state testing requirements as they become available. 

How will my child’s progress be tracked if utilizing the Digital Academy? 
Student progress and grades will be monitored within the digital platform. 
State attendance requirements must also be followed. Digital attendance will be monitored weekly. Students progress is tracked as a percent completion of the digital course. Students must complete approximately 5% of the course each week in order to complete the course requirements by the last day of semester or school year.  

Will Physical Education (PE) be an option for my child as a course? 
There is a digital equivalent of PE for all grade levels which is a requirement for graduation either traditionally or digitally. Here is a sample description of a digital PE class: 

This class provides an understanding of physical activity and fitness concepts. Student
learning is focused on health-related and skill-related fitness to learn how to become more fit and healthy. Topics also include individual and team sports, movement education, fitness testing, cardiovascular, muscular and skeletal health. Students are required to participate in regular physical activity by completing a weekly fitness log. 

Will 7th and 8th grade digital academy students receive high school credit for courses taken online? 
Students will be eligible to receive high school credit for courses that currently receive high school credit at Edison Middle School. The digital equivalent must be approved by the counselor/administrator in advance.  
Will Edison Digital students be able to participate in district extracurricular activities?

If I have more than one student attending Edison Local Schools, do they all have to do the same option or can one do online and the other(s) attend school?
Siblings can make their choices separately resulting in some attending digitally and others 
attending traditionally.

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