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Safety Procedures

The safety and welfare of our students and staff is our highest priority at Edison Elementary School.  We practice safety drills throughout the year to help our students know what to do in an emergency.  The Division of the State Fire Marshall has guidelines regarding emergency response drills that each school must adhere to.  The school district is working closely with local authorities to correctly implement these procedures.  In order to protect your child, students will only be released to parents and/or other adults listed on the emergency form in an actual emergency.   Please let the office know anytime this information changes.

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Posted Wednesday, September 1, 2021


11/23/2020   From the entire staff at Edison Elementary School - we wish you a safe and restful Thanksgiving Break!

11/04/2021   On Tuesday, November 16th from 6:00 - 7:30 PM at Edison Elementary School  DINNER AND DAYCARE PROVIDED--

An invitation from Edison Local Schools -- UTILIZING PLAY IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF YOUNG CHILDREN -- a presentation and interactive engagement opportunity for families to learn about how play increases your child's ability to grow. Therapists, counselors and support staff will discuss the importance of play in these areas:  social, emotional, motor, cognitive and communication.  If you plan to attend please fill out the form that was sent home or call the Elementary office to let them know how many will be attending.  You may also email Michelle Cook at [email protected] 


The Edison Elementary students have been preparing musical selections for our annual Veteran’s Days Assembly. This year’s celebrations will be held on November 11, 2021.  Edison Elementary will present their special program at 9:30 a.m. in the gym.
Students will perform musical arrangements by artist and composers Teresa Jennings, George Cohan, and Francis Scott Key.    Singing selections will be performed by all of the students in grades Kindergarten through 3rd grade.  Songs will include “The Star Spangled Banner”, “America The Beautiful”, “Armed Forces Medley”, “Allegiance Rap”, and “We The People”.
Numerous students will be included into the assembly.  Students will present the branches of the Military flags.    All Military personal active duty or retired, Veterans and family members are welcome to attend this event at the elementary school.  Come and celebrate and honor our military with this Veteran’s Day Assembly.

At the HIGH SCHOOL -- 

This Veterans Day, Edison High School will be holding an assembly on Thursday Nov. 11 at 9:15 to honor the men and women who have served or are currently serving our country.  This year’s assembly will be EXTRA SPECIAL thanks to our visiting speakers: MAJOR GENERAL John Harris and OHIO GOVERNOR Mike DeWine. We would like to invite area veterans and families to attend this special Veterans Day tribute.  If you or someone you know would like to join us, please call the high school office to let them know how many will be coming, by Tuesday, November 9th.

Before the assembly, veterans and their families are welcome to attend a reception in the Edison High School Innovation Center hosted by Edison Teen Leadership Corps. students.  The reception will begin at 8:30 am and will feature coffee and pastries.

10-19-2021     Wear Your Costume to School Day!!!!

On Friday, October 29 we will be hosting “Wear Your Costume to School Day” at Edison Elementary. The goal is to have FUN while still continuing to maintain a SAFE learning environment. On this day your child may wear their costume to school as long as the following guidelines are followed: 

- Costumes MUST not restrict learning. This includes costumes that make learning, sitting at a desk, participating in gym, using the restroom or walking up and down stairs difficult. 

- Students MAY wear their COVID-19 face coverings. NO other facial masks will be allowed. 

- NO violent or inappropriate costumes will be allowed. 

- No blood, weapons, or inappropriate words/gestures 

- Appropriate school clothes MUST be worn under the costume 

- Edison Elementary staff reserve the right to have a child remove their costume if deemed inappropriate. 

On Friday, October 29th there will NOT be a classroom party of any kind. This FUN spirit day is just something we felt we could offer the students and still maintain a safe learning environment. We appreciate your support and cooperation in following all the above guidelines! 

Boss' Day was October 16, 2021 and we would like to share a few favorite BOSS moments!

Pizza with the Principal
Dress like the principal day!

Orian and Mr. Hermes

Mr. Hermes does YOGA!


Pumpkin Contest!!!!

PTO is having our annual pumpkin contest.  We want you to get creative, have fun and decorate your pumpkins. Pumpkins cannot be carved and they must be small enough that your child can carry it.  We will not be able to accept large, heavy sizes that adults have to carry.  Please bring pumpkins OCTOBER 25 - 28th.  Judging will take place during the day on October 28th by school administrative staff and winners will be announced October 29th. 

Updates  from Mr. Hermes, Principal of Edison Elementary School    
Due to the continued concerns surrounding the spread of COVID-19, here is an update on events that were scheduled for October.

1. Grandparents Day - October 21 (This event is currently postponed)

2. Open House - October 12 (This event is currently postponed. Parent/Teacher conference sign up information will be sent to you through Final Forms by your child's homeroom teacher.  We will still hold parent/teacher conferences in November as planned.  Parents will have the option to attend in-person or virtually)

3. Community Halloween Party - October 31 (A decision will be made as we get closer to this event. This is an event that is sponsored by the Milan Rotary.  More information regarding this event will be sent out as we get closer to the date)
4. Donuts with Dad - November 5 (If the mask mandate is lifted we will have this event)

5. P/T Conferences - November 8/10 (We will have conferences.  Parents will have the option to attend in-person or virtually or phone conference.  Sign up sheet will be sent out through Final Forms  at a later date - since we don't have Open House where they usually sign up.)

6. Veterans Day Assembly - November 11 (If the mask mandate is lifted we will have this event.  If the mask mandate is not lifted we will look at other options for hosting this event.  This event will not be canceled unless absolutely necessary.)

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Posted Friday, August 27, 2021

Sunflower Contest

Edison Elementary School Sunflower Contest was Friday, September 3. We hope you have enjoyed watching your sunflowers grow this summer. 
Thank you to the Milan Garden Club for hosting its annual Sunflower Contest at Edison Elementary.  The students truly enjoy this fun event.  The 2021 Grand Champion was Miles Frey with a sunflower head measuring 21".  Congratulations to all the other grade level winners! 

1st Grade: Lily Meyer (3rd), Bridget Salmons (2nd), Colleen Hunt (1st)
2nd Grade: Dane Trizna (3rd), Jessica Rockwell (2nd), Parker Doerner (1st)
3rd Grade: Laney Trueman (3rd), Augie Stipp (2nd), Meredith Hill (1st)

$$$$$  ---  Croghan Colonial Bank is new to Milan and is donating $50 for every checking, and $20 for any other account opened to either the Edison Birthplace Museum or the Edison School Booster Clubs. The customer will then choose whom they want their donation to go to. We are thankful for the support Croghan shows to history and youth and look forward to working with them in the future.


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Posted Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Kindergarten Registration

2021-22 Kindergarten Registration is NOW OPEN!

Kindergarten registration will be completed electronically using the FinalForms program.  You can register your child starting Thursday, April 1.  If your child DID NOT attend Little Chargers Preschool please go to and click NEW ACCOUNT under the PARENT ICON.  Follow the prompts to electronically register your child. You will need to upload a copy of your child’s birth certificate, social security card,  your proof of residency, and custodial court documents (if applicable) during the registration process.  If your child DID attend Little Chargers Preschool please go to and login to your current FinalForms account.  You will be directed to update and sign the 2021-22 student forms for your child. Please register in FinalForms ASAP with an email address you regularly monitor so that we can contact you with any announcements. 

Electronic registration and in-person screening are two separate events. The screening dates for upcoming Kindergarten students will be June 1-3. In order to sign your child up for a kindergarten screening appointment please go to  Every child MUST sign-up for a kindergarten screening appointment. 


Your child must be 5 years old by August 1, 2021, to be eligible for Kindergarten. 


Non-residents wishing to enroll in Kindergarten for the 2021-2022 school year should complete an open enrollment application and register in FinalForms. Open enrollment applications are available on the district website. You should complete the open enrollment application and sign your child up for screening when it opens, but the final approval for open enrollment will be determined by the student count capacity determined after registration is complete. Make sure you also have your child signed up for registration and screening in the district where you reside in case capacity is met and your child cannot be accepted.


If you have any questions about Kindergarten registration or screening, please contact David Hermes at [email protected]


If you know any other Edison Local School District parents who need to register their child for Kindergarten, please pass along this information.  

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Posted Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Charger Spirit Days

Edison Elementary

 Spirit Days

December 2021 - Merry Christmas everyone!

13         Wear ugly sweater or shirt

14         Dress like a reindeer - wear brown

15         Pajama day

16         Dress up in your holiday best

17         Holiday shirt and sock day

November 2021
11 Veteran's Day - wear read, white and blue

 Veterans Day, observed annually on November 11, is a tribute to military veterans who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. Not to be confused with Memorial Day, which honors those who died while in service, Veterans Day honors all military veterans, including those still with us.

Veterans Day is observed annually on November 11. It’s a holiday honoring men and women who have served in the US armed forces, on the anniversary of the end of World War I.

Veterans Day, originally celebrated as Armistice Day, was first issued on November 11, 1919 by President Woodrow Wilson a year after the end of World War I. The purpose of Armistice day was to honor the fallen soldiers of The Great War for their sacrifice and bravery. 7 years later in 1926, Congress adopted a resolution requesting President Coolidge issue annual proclamations on November 11, making Armistice Day a legal holiday.

In 1945, World War II veteran Raymond Weeks had the idea to expand Armistice Day to celebrate all veterans rather than just the ones who died in World War I. He led a delegation to General Dwight Eisenhower, who was all for the idea. Weeks then conducted the first Veterans Day celebration in 1945 in Alabama and every year until he died in 1985. In 1982, he was honored by President Reagan with the Presidential Citizenship Medal. Weeks was also named the “Father of Veterans Day” by Elizabeth Dole.

In 1954, after having been through both World War II and the Korean War, the 83rd U.S. Congress — at the urging of the veterans service organizations — amended the Act of 1938 by striking out the word “Armistice” and inserting the word “Veterans.” With the approval of this legislation on June 1, 1954, Nov. 11 became a day to honor American veterans of all wars.

Ed Rees, the U.S. Representative from Emporia, Kansas, presented a bill establishing the holiday through to congress. Eisenhower, who was now President and also from Kansas, signed the bill into law on May 26, 1954, 8 and a half years after Raymond Weeks held the first Veteran’s Day.

A few weeks later, June 1, Congress amended the bill replacing “Armistice” with “Veterans.” The National Veterans Award was also created in 1954, first received by Congressman Rees for his support in making Veterans Day a federal holiday. Though the holiday is currently and was originally celebrated on November 11, the day was moved to the fourth Monday of October in 1971 due to the Uniform Monday Holiday Act. Finally, on September 20, 1975, President Gerald R. Ford signed a law which returned the annual observance of Veterans Day to its original date of Nov. 11, beginning in 1978.

If the Nov. 11 holiday falls on a non-workday — Saturday or Sunday — the holiday is observed by the federal government on Monday if the holiday falls on Sunday, or Friday, if the holiday falls on Saturday. Federal government closings are established by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. State and local government closings are determined locally, and non-government businesses can close or remain open as they see fit, regardless of federal, state or local government operation determinations.

United States Senate Resolution 143, which was passed on Aug. 4, 2001, designated the week of Nov. 11 through Nov. 17, 2001, as National Veterans Awareness Week. The resolution calls for educational efforts directed at elementary and secondary school students concerning the contributions and sacrifices of veterans.

19 Super Charger Day  - Orange and blue

23 Wear brown in honor of all the turkeys!


October 2021
1 World Smile Day - wear yellow and a big smile :) 

In 1963, Harvey Ball, a graphic artist and ad man from Worcester, Massachusetts, created the smiley face symbol we’ve all come to know. Popularity for this symbol exploded into the world of popular culture. It’s every artists’ dream for their work to be respected and recreated and few symbols have had quite the legacy that Harvey’s creation has had.

Throughout the years, the smiley face has become one of the most well-known symbols in the world. It has appeared in movies such as ‘Forest Gump’ and used as a motif in the graphic novel, ‘Watchmen.’ It’s so well-known that just by saying “smiley face”, we bet that you can see it in your mind. That recognizable yellow circle with black dots for eyes and a simple curve for a genuine and pure smile. However, the original smiley face had more of an oblong smile, a bit more hand drawn in aesthetic, taking up more space on the face than we see in modern recreations. Because of its overuse, it started to move away from its intent of goodwill and good cheer and he knew something had to be done.

In 1999, World Smile Day became an official holiday in order to regain control. The celebration aspects of the day were simple yet effective: people were to use the day to smile and make small acts of kindness worldwide. Harvey wanted to keep the smile connected to the human being. By doing so, you’d smile and in return, you’d make someone else smile and brighten up their day.

5 National Teacher Day - dress like a teacher

This holiday marks the anniversary of the adoption of the 1966 UNESCO Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers. It sets standards regarding the rights and responsibilities of teachers for their initial preparation, further education, recruitment, employment, and learning conditions.

UNESCO’s 2020 message: “With the theme: ‘Young Teachers: The Future of the Profession,’ we recognize the critical importance of reaffirming the value of the teaching mission. We call upon governments to make teaching a profession of first choice for young people. Above all, we celebrate the work of dedicated teachers around the world who continue to strive every day to ensure that ‘inclusive and equitable quality education’ and the promotion of ‘lifelong learning opportunities for all’ become a reality in every corner of the globe.”

22 - Charger Day - wear blue and orange
29 - Halloween Day - happy costume day at school - details will be sent home soon.

September 2021 
3     Charger Day - wear blue and orange

10   National Suicide Prevention Day - wear orange and yellow

We lead busy lifestyles and barely get time to sit and actually process our thoughts, which is likely a reason why mental health issues or underlying problems go un-assessed. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), suicide is committed somewhere in the world every 40 seconds. Approximately 800,000 people die every year due to suicide. The majority of these occur in underdeveloped and developing countries. These figures are startling, considering that suicide is preventable. Undiagnosed and untreated mental illness is the biggest reason behind suicide. 

The International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) initiated World Suicide Prevention Day in 2003. The day is co-sponsored by the World Federation for Mental Health and World Health Organization. The aim of the day is to research and collect data on suicidal behavior, determine the various causes and why its signs go unnoticed, and developing sound practices and policies for suicide prevention. 

15   National Polka Dot Day - wear polka dots  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  

On September 15, 2003, author and illustrator of children’s books, Peter H. Reynolds released his book “The Dot.” In the story, Vashti felt like she couldn’t draw — but her art teacher wouldn’t accept that. “Just make a mark, and see where it takes you,” the teacher said to Vashti. So, she marked her parchment paper with a small dot.  The next day, Vashti was surprised to find her paper with the dot on the classroom wall. Vashti was so proud of her work that she started creating drawings with different kinds of dots.

Eventually, Vashti was able to pass the lesson about confidence that she had learned from her teacher onto someone else. A dot might be small, but it’s a powerful way to show your unique individuality and creativity. And that’s the story that inspired International Dot Day. 

“The Dot” has inspired millions of children and adults. It is used by teachers as a method to encourage creativity and instill confidence in students. One teacher in Iowa, Terry Shay, introduced the book to his entire classroom on September 15, 2009. This led to the observance of International Dot Day every year on September 15. The flow of creativity and courage is celebrated by millions of teachers and students around the world. Such is the widespread influence of “The Dot” that it is currently celebrated in 192 countries by more than 19 million people! 

There is also a website by the name ‘The Dot Club,’ which serves as a free resource for downloadable material and printouts like an official certificate of participation. 

17   Charger Day!!

22   First day of fall - wear fall colors

Astronomically, it’s the day when the sun crosses the celestial equator heading south. Thus, the fall (and spring) equinoxes provide Earth with roughly 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness. Oh, and after another blazing hot summer, the first day of fall signals cooler weather.

From the time of the Druids,  the fall equinox signaled the end of the harvest. Then, winter preparations began. Families celebrated with parties and other social gatherings. Autumn lasts until the winter solstice.

Today, city dwellers often head to the countryside — for example, rural New England, to take in the changing colors of the leaves. Symbolically, the fall equinox reminds us to be grateful for the “harvests” in our own lives over the course of the year.  This fall equinox, take time to reflect on the bounty of nature and the possibilities for abundance in every part of your amazing life.

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Posted Wednesday, October 7, 2020

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