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Middle School News

EMS Online Book Fair!

Hello EMS Parents and Students!
We are not able to have our book fair at school, so Scholastic is letting us do an online book fair. From these sales, we earn Scholastic dollars which go directly to our librarian to order new books for our library. All orders are shipped directly to your house for your convenience. Also, free shipping is available when purchasing $25 of qualifying books! Please take a moment to find some great books for your children to enjoy while supporting your school and Edison Middle School Parents' Club! Thank you so much for your support!!!
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Information Update for Class of 2025 Washington, D.C. Trip

Information Update for Class of 2025 Washington, D.C. Trip

From: Mrs. Carrier-Vajda, Trip Coordinator        
Date:  April 22, 2020

As we navigate through the remainder of our school year from home, please know that we have had conversations with regards to the November trip to Washington, D.C.  There are many scenarios that could play out as we head towards the fall, but as we are all aware, no one knows for sure what is to come in the next few months.  This letter is to try to answer a few of the questions that you may have.

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Citizens of the Month

Grade 4 - Elianna Heater and Mason Leber
Grade 5 - Jackson Esser and Juliana Johnson
Grade 6 - Macari Harris and Abraham Reyes
Grade 7 - Hunter Rimmele and Jaylah Weaver
Grade 8 - Gavin Mesenburg and Sophia Peters

Grade 4 - Gianna Heater and Tyler Leimeister
Grade 5 - Madison Geiger and Bentley Kendeigh
Grade 6 - Weston Gfell and Mabel Stoll
Grade 7 - Tyler Pounds and Nikki Vesely
Grade 8 - Xander Gearheart and Skyler Wikel

Grade 4 - Alivia McFarland and Skaiky Steen
Grade 5 - Austin Mankin and Isabella Thompson 
Grade 6 - Scarlett Bennett and Colten Collins
Grade 7 - Sophia Baker and Colin Butler
Grade 8 - Kayden Bourget and Allyson McMillian

Grade 4 - Rylie Miller and Jake Seekins
Grade 5 - Aria Hayward and Gina Walton
Grade 6 - Madilynn Sanders and Lukas Schaeffer
Grade 7 - Ava Gardner and Andrew Strecker
Grade 8 - Ava Limberios and Tyson Wechter

Grade 4 - Celia Heil and Owen Thurston
Grade 5 - Noah Ezell and Madison Tolliver
Grade 6 - Alaina Cowley and Aiden Palicka
Grade 7 - Gracie Rang and Cameron Sallee
Grade 8 - Charles Houck and Rory Conrad

Grade 4 - Annalee Baehr and Luke Fansler
Grade 5 - Ian Gates and Samantha Wetzel
Grade 6 - Eli Hermes and Ella Rose
Grade 7 - Cierra Tolliver and Tristan Wetherill
Grade 8 - Grace Anderson and Grayson Smith

Grade 4 - Karsyn Garn and Trenten Williams
Grade 5 - Wyatt Houser and Lola McKenzie
Grade 6 - Peyton Bissell and Mario Estrada-Patlan
Grade 7 - Jacob Kuhl and Adison Wechter
Grade 8 - Kaira Gulett and Aiden Mingus

Grade 4 - Adelina Ackerman and Manuel Serna Amaya
Grade 5 - Antonelle Kryger and Kaden Mees
Grade 6 - Mazie Dobson and Trevor Leimeister
Grade 7 - Addison Chambers and Cole Leimeister
Grade 8 - Caleb Johnson and Mollie Tucker

Grade 4 - Jayden Billman and Marin Kruse
Grade 5 - Hannah McConnell and Kyle Robinson
Grade 6 - Aili Corfman and Joseph Haggerty
Grade 7 - Coltyn Meagrow and Mary Moon 
Grade 8 - Jace Danda and Sheridan Koelsch
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