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7th Grade Girls Basketball SBC Champions
7th Grade Girls Basketball SBC Champions
7th Grade SBC Champions 2019
7th Grade SBC Champions 2019
8th Grade Students8th Grade Students
8th Grade Students
8th Grade StudentsMrs. Scott's Math Class
8th Grade Students
4th Grade Students4th Grade Students
4th Grade Students
7th Grade Football Cheerleaders7th Grade Football Cheerleaders
7th Grade Football Cheerleaders
8th Grade Football Cheerleaders8th Grade Football Cheerleaders
8th Grade Football Cheerleaders
7th Grade Students
7th Grade Students
4th Grade Students4th Grade Students
4th Grade Students
7th Grade Spirit
7th Grade Spirit
7th Grade Students
7th Grade Students
7th Grade Spirit
7th Grade Spirit
7th Grade Spirit
7th Grade Spirit
7th Grade Football7th Grade Football
7th Grade Football
7th Grade Volleyball7th Grade Volleyball
7th Grade Volleyball
7th Grade Football7th Grade Football
7th Grade Football

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Middle School News

Congratulations to our 8th Graders

To view the 8th Grade Recognition Slide Show click here

Pick up and Returns 2020

Here is the list of school-issued items that students need to return to the middle school during this week's scheduled Dropp Off and Pick Up.

Thursday, May 28th
4th Grade - 9:00 - 11:00 AM
5th Grade - 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
6th Grade - 1:00 - 3:00 PM

Friday, May 29th
7th Grade - 9:00 - 11:00 AM
8th Grade - 11:00 - 1:00 PM

The window to order your student’s back-to-school supply list items has opened!

Go to www.unitedschoolsupplies.com and enter the Edison Middle School code, which is 659273.  Enter your student’s name and NEXT YEAR’S grade level (to properly label the kit).  Select any accessories you’d like such as backpacks, headphones, lunch bags, water bottles, and food jars and then proceed to secure checkout.
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EMS Online Book Fair!

Hello EMS Parents and Students!
We are not able to have our book fair at school, so Scholastic is letting us do an online book fair. From these sales, we earn Scholastic dollars which go directly to our librarian to order new books for our library. All orders are shipped directly to your house for your convenience. Also, free shipping is available when purchasing $25 of qualifying books! Please take a moment to find some great books for your children to enjoy while supporting your school and Edison Middle School Parents' Club! Thank you so much for your support!!! https://www.scholastic.com/bf/edisonmiddleschool9
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2020-2021 7th & 8th Elective Letter

We are beginning to look ahead to the 2020-2021 school year. Each student is being asked to choose which electives he/she will take during their 8th grade year at Edison Middle School. Please understand that these classes will provide high school credit. The grades they receive in these classes will show up on their high school transcript and will contribute towards their high school graduation requirements and GPA. Please confer with your child in regard to these decisions. >> CLICK HERE FOR FULL LETTER / FORM
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Citizens of the Month

Grade 4-Ivan Burris and Grace Flowers
Grade 5-Elizabeth Burke-Butler and Christian Watson
Grade 6-Logan Ackerman and Emma Hammond
Grade 7-Charles Houck and Alexis Lewis
Grade 8-Andrew Gray and Elise Payne
Grade 4-Sophia Steffanni and Nolan Bango
Grade 5-Destiny Doyle and Gabriel Serna-Amaya
Grade 6-Mariana Figueroa-Contreras and AJ Weilnau
Grade 7-Maylie Weilnau and Kayden Bourget
Grade 8-Madison Butler and Langedan Leimeister-Day 
Grade 4-Whitley Rockwell and Wyatt Houser
Grade 5-Mallorie Jones and Lucas Schaeffer
Grade 6-Mylee Reer and Kellen McDonnell
Grade 7-Kaira Gulett and Josiah Bryant
Grade 8-Lydia McQuillen and Kyle Kardotzke
Grade 4-Mya Koch and Mason Murphy
Grade 5-Leah Sharp and Jacoby Valimont
Grade 6-Addison Chambers and Coen Morales
Grade 7-Alaina Keegan and Luke Whiley
Grade 8-Sianna Woodyard and Collin Robles 
Grade 4 - Connor Goodwin and Hallee Hatmaker
Grade 5 - Jaylynn Durr and Kayden Hunter
Grade 6 - Cole Leimeister and Nicole Veseley
Grade 7 - Maykaylee Deppen and Xander Gearheart
Grade 8 - Kaden Neate and Anna Smith
Grade 4 - Jamie Cruz and Noah Haggerty
Grade 5 - Gannon Chartrant and Alice Watson 
Grade 6 - Jacob Kuhl and Taylor Moore
Grade 7 - Jace Danda and Mia Martin
Grade 8 - Keira Keoghan and Cole Ruggles 
Grade 4 - Jordan Lewis and Kennedy Wojnar
Grade 5 - Isaiah Grady and Elena Moore 
Grade 6 - Elizabeth Campbell and Tyler Pounds
Grade 7 - Cy Finnen and Sophia Peters
Grade 8 - Brynleigh Dail and J Williams 

Grade 4 - Keegan Lanham and Kaydence Williams
Grade 5 - Daisy Heil and Alex Holibaugh 
Grade 6 - Ella Booth and Logan Kane
Grade 7 - Jake Case and Haylin Efaw
Grade 8 - Tristan Bentley and Victoria Metz 
Grade 4 - Tessa Moore and Wesley Seel
Grade 5 - Mike Ried and Abigail Saflund
Grade 6 - Kegan Albanese and Gracie Rang
Grade 7 - Kendall Balde and Landon Steffani
Grade 8 - Jeremy Bowne and Ella Habeck   
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