Super Chargers

Super Charger Program

  ResponsibleRespectful Safe 
 Bus* Keep track of belongings
* Keep belongings in bag
* Get to the bus on time
* Be prepared
* Use kind words
* Voice Level 2
* Listen t
* Keep hands and feet to self
* Stay seated
* Keep snacks in backpack
* Walk
* Keep aisle clear
 Hallway* Walk forward in a straight line
* Keep halls clean
* Inform an adult if there is a
* Go directly to your correct
* Voice Level 0 or 1
* Listen to and follow the teacher
* Hands and feet to self
* Stay with the group
* Walk on the right
* Walk one step at a time
* Use the railing on stairs
 Classroom* Come to school on time
* Be prepared
* Participate
* Complete and turn in homework on time
* Listen actively
* Follow classroom routines
* Clean up after yourself 
* Follow directions
* Appropriate Voice Level
* Raise your hand
* Use kind words
* Be helpful
* Listen while others are speaking
* Respect others/school property
* Use materials properly
* Keep hands and feet to self
* Keep chair on floor
* Walk in the room
* Keep your shoes tied
 Cafeteria* Be prepared to order
* Clean up your area
* Try to open your container
* Raise your hand for help
* Voice Level 2
* Say "please" and "thank you"
* Use table manners
* Stay in your seat
* Keep hands and feet to self
* Wait your turn
* Walk
* Ask permission to get out of your seat
* Eat only your own food
 Restroom* Wash your hands
* Turn the water off
* Return to class promptly
* Flush the toilet
* Throw trash in the bin
* Voice Level 1
* 2 pumps of soap
* 3 paper towels
* Respect privacy of others
* Keep hands and feet to self
* Report any problems to an adult
 Playground* Report problems to adults
* Use equipment appropriately
* Line up when you hear the whistle
* Return equipment
* Include others in play
* Use kind words
* Play nicely
* Take turns
* Stay in play area
* Look before running/throwing
* Follow and listen to grade level
 Bus Room* Keep track of belongings
* Have everything with you when you come to the bus room
* Check your area before you line up
* Keep snacks/toys in your bag
*Raise your hand for help
* Voice Level 2
* Listen to adult
* Stay in seat
* Keep hands and feet to self
* Stay with your bus group
* Walk
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