Super Chargers

Super Charger Program

  ResponsibleRespectful Safe 
 Bus* Keep track of belongings
* Keep belongings in bag
* Get to the bus on time
* Be prepared
* Use kind words
* Voice Level 2
* Listen t
* Keep hands and feet to self
* Stay seated
* Keep snacks in backpack
* Walk
* Keep aisle clear
 Hallway* Walk forward in a straight line
* Keep halls clean
* Inform an adult if there is a
* Go directly to your correct
* Voice Level 0 or 1
* Listen to and follow the teacher
* Hands and feet to self
* Stay with the group
* Walk on the right
* Walk one step at a time
* Use the railing on stairs
 Classroom* Come to school on time
* Be prepared
* Participate
* Complete and turn in homework on time
* Listen actively
* Follow classroom routines
* Clean up after yourself 
* Follow directions
* Appropriate Voice Level
* Raise your hand
* Use kind words
* Be helpful
* Listen while others are speaking
* Respect others/school property
* Use materials properly
* Keep hands and feet to self
* Keep chair on floor
* Walk in the room
* Keep your shoes tied
 Cafeteria* Be prepared to order
* Clean up your area
* Try to open your container
* Raise your hand for help
* Voice Level 2
* Say "please" and "thank you"
* Use table manners
* Stay in your seat
* Keep hands and feet to self
* Wait your turn
* Walk
* Ask permission to get out of your seat
* Eat only your own food
 Restroom* Wash your hands
* Turn the water off
* Return to class promptly
* Flush the toilet
* Throw trash in the bin
* Voice Level 1
* 2 pumps of soap
* 3 paper towels
* Respect privacy of others
* Keep hands and feet to self
* Report any problems to an adult
 Playground* Report problems to adults
* Use equipment appropriately
* Line up when you hear the whistle
* Return equipment
* Include others in play
* Use kind words
* Play nicely
* Take turns
* Stay in play area
* Look before running/throwing
* Follow and listen to grade level
 Bus Room* Keep track of belongings
* Have everything with you when you come to the bus room
* Check your area before you line up
* Keep snacks/toys in your bag
*Raise your hand for help
* Voice Level 2
* Listen to adult
* Stay in seat
* Keep hands and feet to self
* Stay with your bus group
* Walk

January 2023
Abel Ross
Addison Fox
Maddox Mariscal
Quinn Travis
Blake Bauer
Ella Kinney
Beatrice Bolding
Gabe Lucal
Delilah Barnett
Mila Steele
Reese Lause
Owen Ferngren
Allysa Gribben
Maylee Kamm
Avery Schoewe
Austin Nickles
Lazarian Campbell
Mariah Bryant
Marshall Berry
Olivia Stower
Eli Campana
Grace Kougher
Taiya Green
Briggs Komlosi
Layton Baker
Noel Samsa
Parker Doerner
Kate Gessling
Lah'Li Pravlik
Kaden Spalsbury
Izzy Mercer
Parker Garcia
Ella Buening 
Marshall Fall
Isabella Lafolla
Haven Lake
Scarlett Tieche
Ethan Handshoe
Annalise Huber
Harrison McGee
Brantley Kimberlin
Peyton Jester
Skylar Adams
Annabelle Miller
Willow Janik
Jameson Cawrse

December Super Chargers

Hadleigh Galloway

Kenton Gilbert
Dylan Newbury
Brynn Supeck
Maci Ritz
Josie Heater
Macy Huether
Jacob Schaeffer
Cora Daniel
Levi Wells
Captain Cook 

Patrick Johnson

April Davis

Wesley McCoy

Alexander Hillman

River Smith

Paige Tutlow

Lily Johnson

Sydney Prelipp

November Super Chargers
Syrenna Cruz Adams
Emmett Colwell
Ellyana Cochran
Vincent Lang
Remy McConnell
Alice Wagner
Kaylynn Beatty
Chloe Jester
Lincoln Schaeffer
Brayden Johnson
Ally White
Colton Polly
Greyson King
Evelynn Gooding
Eli Frankboner
Hazel Peacock
Sydney Church
Thea Weilnau
Cylas Collinsworth
Victoria Pachasa

October Super Chargers
Amelia Chase
Gael Serna Amaya
Max Borgstedt
Addison Krinzel
Austin Nickles
Karlynne Hay
Carson Shiltz 
Scarlett Tieche
Zayne Reer
Audrey Mazza
Kaiden Baker
Teagan Byrne
Bryson Sallee
Chloe Jester
Olivia Hartz
Willie Watt
Francesca Johnson
Brody Hill
June Kramer
Blake C
Wyatt W.
Grayson Kramer
Brandon Hamblin
Arys Bayer
Ansley Albright
Carson Shiltz
Lily Hedges
Brylee Stout
Arabella Meinert
Blake Thomson
Emily Buck
Wyatt Dugan
Piper Ward
Abbi Baehr
Gunner Supeck
Aaliyah Godoy
Camden Barker
Wyatt Acierto
Kenzie Dickerson
Colum Kuhl
Lilly Nickles
Lucas Tieche
Cooper McFarland
Cambrie Mielke
Ronnie Gose
Olivia Freeland

September Super Chargers
Finn Koelsch
Lilianna Pickett
Eliza Sebo
Merrick Faller
Roman Myers
Emmalise Wheeler
Sawyer Lee
Jaylynn Nickles
Luke Bauer
Peyton Gerber
Olivia Knallay
Riley Noftz
Brinkley Burdge
Jacob RoseKelly
Tristan Rogers
Amelia Swenson
Ada McCoy
Ellie Hoppel
Jovie Ison
Alex Wheeler
Derek Gibson
Avery Myers
Lauren Harris
Blake Bauer
Gage Yamanouchi
Leah Layne

Our first school-wide assembly in three years. The students were amazing and it is 
good to be back together!

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