Title I

What is Title 1?

The Title 1 program is based on an annual assessment of educational needs.  This assessment includes identification of educationally deprived students in the public and private schools in this district.  Title 1 services are provided to all eligible, educationally deprived students.

The Board believes parental involvement is a vital part of the Title 1 program.  Parental involvement includes, but is not limited to, participation in school activities and programs, training and materials which build parents' capacity to improve their children's learning at home and school.  

Title 1 funds are used to augment, not replace, state and local funds.  The Board uses these funds to provide equivalent or comparable educational services in all schools receiving Title 1 assistance.

Title 1 Teachers for Edison Elementary School include:
Kindergarten   -  Mrs. Albright
1st Grade     -      Mrs. Goodwin
2nd Grade    -      Mrs. Griffith
3rd Grade     -      Miss Moore

See grade level pages for contact information.

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